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*Credit Information - I/We hereby authorise you to receive information from any lender about our credit affairs, and to provide any relevant agent or person authorised by me to access my information, with details of whether finance has been approved for us, and if it has, the terms of that approval, including providing a copy of any approval letter. I/We appoint you as our agent and authorise you to obtain our credit information (including both consumer and commercial credit reporting and eligibility information) from a credit reporting body on our behalf. You are authorised to use that information to assist you to provide services, including credit assistance, to me/us and to assist me/us to apply for credit. *Receiving Information Electronically - I/We consent to receiving credit assistance documentation and loan application information electronically. I/We acknowledge and agree that paper documents may no longer be given, electronic communications must be regularly checked for documents and this consent to receive electronic communications may be withdrawn at any time. *
I/We Agree to Privacy Disclosure & Consent to obtain Credit File