Frequently Asked Questions

How Much can I borrow?

The minimum loan size that can be applied for us $5,000 and the maximum is $50,000. It is important to note that how much you can afford to borrow is based on your individual income and expenses.

What interest rate will I be charged?

The final interest rate you will be charged is subject to the strength of your application. i.e. there is no set rate that applies to everyone. However, medical loan interest rates are typically far less than the cost of using a credit card and start as low as 8.50%*

*Comparison rate 9.25%

How Much will my repayments be?

Your loan repayments will be based on several factors such as the final amount borrowed, the interest rate you qualify for and the term of the loan (1-7 year terms available). We would be happy to provide some repayment amount examples once we know your circumstances so please contact us us for more information.

Alternatively you can use this Loan Repayment Calculator to estimate the cost of various loan scenarios. Simply reset the calculator and enter a loan size between $5,000 & $50,000, a term between 1-7 years and an interest rate between 8.50% - 19.45%

What is the eligibility criteria for approval?

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply

  1. You must be over 18
  2. Be a Citizen/Permanent Resident of Australia or hold a eligible working or business VISA
  3. Have stable employment earning a minimum of $15,000 per annum
  4. More than 50% of your income is from your employment/own business and not from Centrelink or Child Support payments
  5. Have an estsablished credit file in Australia
  6. Are not currently bankcrupt, recently discharged or in a Part 9 debt arrangement.

What documentation will I need to supply?

To finalise approval and access your funds you will need to supply proof of your identity, income and account history and conduct. As each application is unique we have a full list of possible documents required available here

How long does the process take?

It takes just 10-15 minutes to apply and loan approvals can take anywhere between 24-48 hours. Once approved your funds are often available within one business day

Which medical costs/procedures are covered?

Any legitimate medical or dental cost, gap payment or surgical procedure expenses are acceptable. They can be elective, medically required or cosmetic in nature

Can I borrow if I am having a procedure overseas?

This can be considered on a case by case basis. However please note that in this scenario we are unable to pay the bill directly to the provider

Can I get a Medical loan to pay for my childs procedure?

Yes, in most legitimate cases we can assist parents who have found themselves with medical costs incured by their children.

What are the most common procedures funded?

While we've assisted people with dozens of different types of medical costs, some of the more common costs we see include IVF, cosmetic surgery and elective dental procedures